Falcons Club History

Falcons Baseball Club Born

The Falcons Baseball Club was born in 1963. The originals include Gary Cooper, Tom Vlaeminck, Will Turner, Bob Wilson, Len Boucher, Bruce Pain, John Edwards, Kevin Reilly, John Powell and Steve Rassmussen. They were the first 10 players to represent us in competition, and as such, have assumed their unique part in the history of the club.

C Grade Side

In 1965, the A Grade team coached by Bob Boxshall, reached the Preliminary Final by defeating Scots 14 runs to 1, with Bruce Pain getting 5 safe hits. Unfortunately, we were defeated in the Grand Final by the Giants. We were fortunate enough to have a C Grade team for the first time.

Two Teams

The club entered two team s in the senior competition in 1967 and 1968. A financial statement dated 19th March 1968 reveals that club funds were $281.38. Baseballs were now worth $3.95, a bat $7 and we were buying equipment from club member Bruce Pain’s Sports and Hobbies store.

Junior Sides

By 1972, Falcons has a stable Under 17 side, fed by players from Golden Square, and by 1974 had their own Under 13 and Under 15 teams. Bruce Pain was inducted as a Life Member and the club introduced a Best Player Award based on the Umpire’s votes for the first time.

End of the Golden Era

After the Grand Final loss of 1974, a number of players retired from Baseball, and only a couple of the players from the 1960’s were left. Unfortunately for the club, this included some outstanding young players such as Glenn Watts, Laurie Parmenter and Barrie Scullie. The Golden Era has come to a close, and it was now up to the next generation of players to keep the Falcons flying high.

John Edwards Legacy

The period from 1974 to 1981 became the legacy of John Edwards, who was also a great club person. As a coach, he was heard, uncompromising and driven, but always passionately a Falcon. With John beside you, you did not fear any team, he could make you feel 10 feet tall, and always helped to put things in perspective. Throughout the late 1970’s , John received significant help from several people including George Wood, Greg Pain, Greg Pocock, Bill Sherman and Andrew Plowright.

Last of the Originals

In 1980, Falcons dropped back to B Grade due to a lack of players and depth. However, we proved a formidable combination in this grade and won the premiership. Unfortunately, a number of players had played their last game for us, including Laurie Parmenter, Bill Sherman and Greg Pain. With the departure of these stalwarts, there were now none of The Originals left.

Return to A Grade

Falcons returned to A Grade in 1981 and appeared in the Grand Final, unfortunately suffering a heavy loss. The Following year, a number of A Grade players departed, we attempted to register only a B Grade side, but were refused permission by the BBA.   After moving to a Summer Competition, the Cardinals club found itself in a similar position, and after several meetings between the two clubs, we formed an amalgamation. This saw us field strong teams again, in both A and B Grade.

Drought affected season

The 1983 season saw the season devastated by the drought, and it was so interrupted, that we did not even give trophies for the season. The following year saw a resurgence in the club,with the return to coaching of Bob Boxshall.

First woman in BBA

Pam Dawkins (Reay) represented us first as a player in 1984, and as such, became the first woman to play Baseball in the Bendigo senior competition, thus paving the way for others. During the late 1980’s we had many great players including Andrew Plowright, Rod Smith, Alan Seddon, Des Henderson, Peter Rice, John Edwards, Brendon Edwards, John Pollard, Andrew Fox, David and Gary Cooper, Dave Hunter, Greg Pain, Leigh Tuckerman, Noel and Peter Dillon, Glenn Maloney, Rod Moon, Rob Bulger and Des Clark.

Club becomes Incorporated

Equipment costs had risen significantly. Balls now cost between $5 – $10 and an Easton Black Magic aluminum bat was $80. Much of the equipment was now being purchased from specialty stores in Melbourne.   The club became incorporated in 1987, with meetings being held at various venues, including players homes, the United Kingdom Hotel and the Camp Hotel.

Albert Roy Reserve called home

As the 1990’s began, Falcons returned to A Grade, adopted a new uniform and also assumed control of Diamond #2 at Albert Roy Reserve. With other clubs moving away from Albert Roy, we decided to stay and develop the old venue. This decision has proved to be most beneficial in the long run, with our facilities being second to none in the BBA.   The standard of our ground and facilities can be attributed most directly to Bill and Casey Jones, who shared the ground manager’s duties.

Senior Sides

In 1992, we fielded and extra team, with A, B and C Grade teams being entered. We have continued to field teams in these divisions until the present day. The junior program was also still successful, with more quality young players emerging from the program

Successful Era

In 2000, the BBA combined with the Ballarat competition, playing matches there on a monthly basis at A and B Grade levels. It was during this season that we won through to the Grand Final, beating the Dodgers 2-1 after losing the first match. We were able to accomplish this on the back of the pitching of Troy Waterman. In what can only be described as one of the most outstanding exhibitions of pitching ever seen in a BBA finals series. The core of this team also won Premierships in the 2001 and 2002 seasons, in doing so becoming the only team to win back-to-back Premierships in the clubs history. Much of the credit for this must be given to the coach Casey Jones. Casey’s management of the team, and his own performances have led to the Falcons becoming the yardstick of the competition.

Ladies Committee

It was not only on the diamond that the club was becoming successful. The Ladies Committee has been a major contributor to our success, and were responsible for a large part of fundraising. The efforts of Julie Bulger, Annie Smith, Julie Jones, Leanne Harriage, Jan Dole, Cathy Moon and Esme Jones have been invaluable. Fundraising activities include an annual chocolate drive run by the Ladies Committee, winery tours, raffles, trivia nights and the food van.

Junior Program

Our Junior Program continues to flourish, the club entered a total of 11 teams in the BBA in 2013. This also included a team in the newly formed Ladies Competition. Bats now cost $400, gloves $200 and balls are around $10 each to purchase.